Welcome to Long 'N Strong!


Long 'N Strong is an exclusive line of hair care and beauty products.


Our team developed Long ‘N Strong Treatment Lotion with the goal to restore beauty and health to your hair.  Long ‘N Strong helps grow hair thicker and stronger without build-up or residue, nourishing hair follicles from the inside, roots to ends, naturally!  Restore your hair’s natural moisture balance and repair past damage to reveal healthy, shiny tresses. 


Long 'N Strong leave-in texturizing serum 2-in 1 anti-frizz and growth formula provides additional protection against damage as it prevents unwanted fly-a-ways and provides hair with a new sheen and healthier look.


Long 'N Strong Shampoo has a long-lasting fragrance that keeps your hair smelling fresh and clean long after you have washed it. It helps nourish and moisturize your hair.


Long ‘N Strong gently works on all hair types, including colored, tinted and processed hair.  While individual results may vary, you may begin to see soft and healthier hair in just a few weeks! 


Long ‘N Strong products are infused with natural hair-building protein and vitamins.  


Long 'N Strong products are NOT available in stores. They are only available at